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A gift that keeps on giving

*From RM50 for 10 seedlings


These Gift Certificates seeks to support smallholder farmers, the hungry and the planet. Check out our pilot program here.

No farmers no food! Yet farmers are subject to great risks beyond their control, climate change - drought & floods, as well as market forces, pushing costs up. And there is no certainty farmers will make a profit when they sell their harvest since, prices of produce are subject to the market.  In addition, not all produce grown can be sold, since wholesalers & retailers do reject less than perfect looking produce (ugly on the outside) but still nutritious (beautiful inside). In Kuala Lumpur, 40% of our landfills comprises food waste! Instead, we donate these "ugly but beautiful produce" to our partners, including The Lost Food Project.

WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF THESE GIFT CERTIFICATES, funds are directed to our Abundant Venture Smallholders Farmer Program, Food Rescue Program & Volunteers Program. Scroll down for more information... .

Gift Certificate Designs

Smallholder Farmer Program

Our "Grow Livelihoods" program has expanded to incorporate our Smallholder Farmer Program where we work with urban smallholder farmers by subsidizing a part of their cost, especially if they wish to take on riskier projects. Ashok was already a master in growing brinjals but he wanted to learn how to grow higher value crops, such as rock melons.  From July to October 2022, 1500 rock melons were planted at Farm Abundant Ventures - Taman Maluri, Cheras together with the help of over 1000 volunteer hours.  Through our BRING JOY Program, we sold sufficient rock melons, to cover costs, and donated rock melons (which would have landed in landfills as they were not perfect enough for the market) to those in need through our partnership with The Lost Food Project. Ashok gained valuable first-hand experience without the financial risk, had rock melons to sell to the market, and our partner The Lost Food Project received - 118 kilos of rock melons with a final total of 339 equivalent to over 1025 meals. Next we will be working with Syam at Farm Abundant Ventures - Pulau Meranti, Selangor. 

Food Rescue Program

We work together with our partners such as,  The Lost Food Project, smallholder farmers as well as wholesalers, to rescue produce that might otherwise go to waste and donate them to those in need. In 2021, we rescued over 11,110 kilos of fresh produce equivalent to 31,744 meals and donated it to The Lost Food Project. In 2022, we rescued a surplus production of  spring onions and as they have short shelf lives, quickly sent them out to various communities.

Volunteer Program

We are attracting urban volunteers from all walks of life, corporates, schools, universities, individuals who just want to use their head, hearts and hands especially with many never having experienced farming! From July to October 2022, in particular, over 1000 volunteer hours were poured into helping Ashok reset his farm which suffered during the pandemic. Through this collaboration, Ashok's farm became known as, Farm Abundant Ventures - Taman Maluri, Cheras Kuala Lumpur, where Ashok is proudly the Farmer in Chief. Volunteers get their hands dirty, work under the sun and learn how they can be part of the solution in dealing with food security challenges in the city. They learn many things outside of their workplace/classrooms and meet like-minded people whilst having fun! Check out the organizations that have participated in our volunteer program so far here!

Seedlings of Hope Program

 Seedlings are donated, to urban community gardens, where the urban poor as well as NGOs “farm” on behalf of their beneficiaries, the homeless, orphans, as well as refugees. In particular we gift seedlings to Kebun Kebun Bangsar and Kebun Komuniti Keramat AU2, which is just a stones throw from the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. To learn more, read here


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