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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the lack of food security in Malaysia. As breadwinners of low-income families lose their jobs due to the pandemic, providing their family food has become increasingly challenging. For most B40 families, a well balanced nutritious diet is difficult to achieve. For this project, the main aim is to deliver the watermelons, a fruit high in vitamin C, to B40 families residing in Subang, Malaysia. People can purchase watermelons for these families and can choose to pay RM60 for 3 melons, RM 100 for 5 melons, or RM 200 for 10 melons. Along with these melons, dental kits provided by Artius Dental will be given to these families as well. An additional purchasing option is the option to pay for 5 melons and provide 5 melons to Pitstop, a community cafe by day and a soup kitchen serving food to the homeless by night. As well as Robin Hood Army Malaysia who donates food surpluses to the less fortunate 


An article written on the problems experienced by B40 families can be read here.

View the watermelon infographic here and the B4O nutrition infographic here.

Purchase and donate melons to the B40 families here

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Picking the watermelons at the watermelon farm

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Giving toothbrushes and watermelons to Pit Stop​

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Giving watermelons to Robin Hood Army Malaysia

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