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Pilot Project

“Grow Livelihoods” is an all-encompassing program to reach out to B40 urban communities, to work on impactful community projects. 

Our pilot project involves teaching the Urban Community Garden of Au2, Keramat, Kuala Lumpur how to grow yellow watermelons, from prepping the soil to setting up a fertilizer and pesticide & disease regime. April 2021, over 100 seedlings were donated under the “Seedlings of Hope” with harvest expected 75 days later. We entered into a buy-back arrangement with the AU2 urban community garden. These watermelons will subsequently be donated to various charitable homes.

Going forward, we will seek collaborations with other B40 communities to find ways to create impactful community projects.

Watermelon harvesting


“Grow Livelihoods” has expanded into our current AV Smallholder Farmer Program. Read more here.

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